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Adding a custom promo rule condition from custom database entry
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Hi everybody,

I really hope any of you will be able to help me out with this stuff....I have tried different ways but with no results so far.

I am creating a module which assigns points to customers after each of their purchases.
What I want to do is that the customer may spend their points when he reaches a certain amount of them.

In the db I have created a table where to store the points.
Assume that the table’s name is ‘points’ and one of the field is ‘customers_point’,

Now, I’d need to modify the RULES CONDITIONS in order to be able to add a rule which allows me to add a custom condition which should select from the ‘points’ table according to customerId .
The condition should sounds like “if customer_points is ___ (to be insered)”

This way I’d create a coupon which the customer may spend ONLY if he has enough points.

I’m stuck checking how to set the custom condition :( ....

Can anybody help me out?


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