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Similar functionality to Mazuma site
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I haven’t used Magento at all before, only had a small test play with the demo site and I’m liking what I see.

I’ve got a couple of questions about the CMS to gauge if it can meet my clients needs; the best site I can find with similar functionality I am after is Mazuma Mobile

So can Magento do the following:
Allow the “purchase” of products with no price?
Let a user complete the transaction process without having to pass through a payment gateway?

Essentially the site is required to purchase items from users, so there is no need for a payment gateway since the user will select items to sell, complete the checkout, then business admin will review and process the payment upon receivable of the item. This is why Mazuma Mobile has been the best example I have seen doing something like this.

Does anyone have an example of something like this they have done similarly?

Also, regarding hosting, what are the minimum recommendations you would suggest to have a decent user experience? I’ve had a look through but like most specs it doesn’t mention performance. Can anyone provide advice on what specs the server should have at a minimum to get Magento to run smoothly? e.g. CPU, RAM, bandwidth etc

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Here are the series of articles from our company intended for performance increasing of the Magento based stores:
Recommended Magento Server Configuration;
Magento Software Requirements;
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Using APC to speed up Magento.

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Thank you.

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