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Single quotes in translations and javascript issues
Magento Team
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Paris, France

Hi Magento team,

I think there may be a problem with internationalization.
For example, in the admin panel, in a product edition screen, if i want to delete the product, i click on ‘Delete’ button.
A javascript popup asks me to confirm: Are you sure?
If french translation contains a single quote, nothing happens because of a javascript error.
There are many examples like this.
We can see that in default value (en_US one), if a single quote appears in text that needs to be used in javascript, there’s a backslash before it.
But for sentences that don’t have single quotes in english version and are used in javascript, translators have no way to know they have to backslash their single quotes. And so, we’ll have tens of javascript errors (in frontend and backend).
Is there a solution to this problem ? Or do you have to review code so that all text used in javascript will be escaped (with addslashes for example).

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Any luck on getting this fixed?  I see this post is from years ago.

I am having a similar issue with French translations and apostrophes with community

I’m using the French language pack.  On the “Manage Categories” page in the admin, any time I use an apostrophe in an inline translation, it completely messes up the page and displays a big orange box with code outputted to the page.  In order to fix it, I have to manually remove the apostrophe from the core_translate table.

This does not happen when using the English language with inline translations.  And, it doesn’t happen when using the French language with inline translations for the admin turned off.  Only happens with French language + inline translations in the admin.

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