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eKaay: Customer Login without Password - with Smartphone instead
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eKaay is a novel way of logging in: The user of a portal (for example the customer of a Magento Online Shop) logs in by scanning with his smartphone a QR-Code shown on the login page. This way, the user/customer does not have to memorize the password anymore! From the shop’s viewpoint, this may reduce the number of order cancellations by customers who forgot their password. More information can be found on the eKaay hompage:

Here is a Demo Magento shop with eKaay integrated (as a second entrance):

You can see the QR Code on the Login page. You may register as a customer and test the eKaay Login with your Smartphone:

eKaay can be integrated into any Magento shop. The integration takes 1 or 2 hours. Here are the instructions:

We are looking for Magento shops which like to try eKaay. Please write an email to info at ekaay dot com

Bernd Borchert, Tuebingen, Germany

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