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one page checkout issue in Magento
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-08-11

hi all.

Recently upgraded to magento from 1.8 and im working through all the issues this has caused with a lot of success.

The only issue i have left now is that when i go to the one page checkout i do not see the checkout and instead see a whole page full of symbols similar like this:

‹������Ì]{Wܸ’ÿ>…Æ{Î…œ‰ih Àz¯f€°4Ifv­îv°­?:÷Ìwß*I¶ËÝM؆Íî$¹T?©ªT*=ìÞýéèÃáõ—ÇlËœ>ȟxpvzÈ,»Õú¼~Øj]±ßO®ÏÏØÚÊ*ë&‘ç$­Öñ…Ŭa’Œ~iµnooWn×Wd4h]_µîËV3I;VuVÜĵ:‹» ä.ðÃxoƒµ]ÏB¢_|ö,Z,O!ÁÝÎ"Æ’»‰—ø¢³¸À‡Â¹‘iÂlÖMG"zç%+Ž\Io à]$ûø;¾7Ñd·¥«±ÅÝ@$Å“a;lñwê÷¬C&"LìëÉHXÌѹ=+wIÛõ–9CÃ…"ÙK“¾½m±VÇp y ö,WÄNäO†¤úT“¼˜q–È6*öÁú2bG^ìÈ4LXw$£$f)ù0ºØ©‘/à¯0ÖÞ`’2UuFK�Ïô5HýÄ+°~êÈ3"kׄ}•žê³Ä€³õAF²’*ÆÓ‹£ãß_¿ûpvöá³¢^Üýɶ4Nd€\]¦j’|+e‡dîA4¬Ÿ†Ž—L”"QþwÌëGہzЏ†–Íû‰ˆ�2�$ÂeIÄØ«ºÌ¶;sΝwûã¾}@[=ŸÚóéñÞ1‚’âôxKwÚ;âll˜â©­™%0ÃŒ(øÊÇ\—ÂXóˆ}ù½Œ‚_c¶Ç–¾Æ+*wú?`ëA+öܵõ/+««ë+_㥷0èZº:Ž¿ï²gqäh/ƒ›ˆ‡vŒÃ´ìŠñ­èµ[1´³ÕT§ÜVö´åŠ>%·¾Æ-ÕÀµ:9jó _ÿNqø•Qá_Œ¾,QïY%Y¢½>[Ï°âK‡+Íþ´Ç²ô+öFŸ­#Ñ¡»ÒIq–¼eÿ,¶ZJ‰E#v}/¼a‘ð÷,ÏA…”UºÛçcd´ÿ±ŒD½�úÖº³5�šVÁ 8`Ìχ®‡"8%0è|ϞkóF‘?Æp®ÊZ¡9*Ãœ]q·2ŽþÛÙãi"ÿŃÑÛþÞkÈÙ¶òX)à wµÊ \#r’õe·Œ[} ú}áÀ40óÀøÀÀ@fžà¸¤?§¸KCÙ!t‡dÀU$F–bV‰X¹ô y‰#卒°¾Åˆåÿ؏<£ŒÛË{ú¤L LrÚ ~è0[­ÝŸþ<<Ú¿ÞÿSE0è@Îö/~ûòñêèwH¡¾ãf‘¥·SõOÏßÿ¸>„¨{àõ¡~«õ×_%ïð£æÿÐ7‚â­bFhÄ$_ÄC!‹b9q\Ý)�“VOށһ@¸ß³@O3묇F8¾€Pñ¥[¡Ìù…Û�Q’†íÕÕ{

is anyone else experiencing this or does anyone have an idea why this is happening?

Thanks in advanced


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Joined:  2008-06-30

just a guess but that looks like some kind of image your computer is not recognizing

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