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Hello, problem with the start front index page block type catalog product category implementing, ul li listing failure, doubled listing
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when I try to list the products of a specific category with the codebase
{{block type="catalog/product_list" category_id="7" template="catalog/product/list.phtml"}}
placed in the cms - > index home site - > content and the editor switched off when placing it.

the products are shown

BUT now the failure:

it also displays radio / ul li list buttons / dots that I didn’t place there or code there.
They appear at the left side above the picture, you can see it at the attachement picture. Also the list buttons beside the wishlist are doubled. I didn’t change anything in the code.

Do you know how to solve it? I also tried a fresh installaiton but there are the same mistakes.

In the categories it is listed normal, only when I use the cms pages there appears this failure.

I use Magento CE

Or how could I alternatively show some products on the start page without using the code above?

thanks a lot for your help

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You should go to file skin\\\\frontend\\\\default\\\\default\\\\css\\\\styles.css, find the code .std ul { list-style:disc outside; padding-left:1.5em; } – expected on 452 line, replace it to .std ul { list-style: none outside none; padding-left:1.5em; }, - it will remove dots above the images.
Also, please, don’t forget to clear cache after the changes in the file.

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