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Output attribute value alongside price. 
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I have some products with attributes that change the price up or down depending on which attributes you select.  The default price is for the configurable product with no options selected. 

Due to the number of options for the attribute, the image used does not always reflect a base product (without options) and although I address that with a disclaimer within the image, I wish to make it clear where the price is displayed.


What I am seeking help with is how to edit the code for the above to not only show the price for the item but also to call and output the option selected, along side the price.

So instead of seeing


you will see

$399 (Attribute Option Value)

The actual items are pine furniture and the configurable items are based on a raw pine finish and the simple items associated are the alternative stained finishes available.  In total there are 9 options, the first of which is raw pine (no extra cost).  But before they even select an option I want the user to see a price like this

$399 Raw Pine (the default finish/price)

and then when they select an option

$499 Cedar.  (the optional finish/price)

Any assistance with the necessary coding here is appreciated.

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I am looking for the same thing.  Anyone?

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