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Shopping Cart Price Rules - Creating a promo that discounts a % off Child products within Parent skus - coupon code required
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I ran into an issue with a Shopping Cart Price Rule and am looking for help. My store’s products are mainly configurable (water bottles with color swatch selectors). The offer should be 25% off a White bottle if it has been added to Cart, along with a coupon code entered. The discount would be limited to 10 bottles.

I can only get the promo to work on the Parent product/sku; not on any individual Child product/sku. I am able to get the promo to work within the Conditions tab (ie. when the White bottle is added to cart, the coupon code will trigger). The issue is pinpointing the attributes on the configurable product in the Actions tab. The discount (25%) will apply to each item with the Parent product; not the single Child product. In the Actions tab, I have tried to specify attributes like Color and SKU, but to no avail. This is the logic I was hoping would work:

If All of these conditions are true:
If an item is found in the cart with all of these conditions true:
SKU is 1015xx

Percent of Product Price Discount
Discount Amount: 25
Maximum Qty Discount Is Applied to: 10
If All of these conditions are true:
SKU is 105xx

Has anyone else had this problem of not being able to narrow product discounts to Child products within Parent products? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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