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Question on re-categorizing product data with Community to Enterprise upgrade
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We’re upgrading our Magento store from CE to EE. In the process we are re-engineering the site’s navigational schema and coincidently, the re-categorization of a number of our products will be required (We currently have 35,000 products).

These products will need to be re-categorized and reassigned to the the appropriate new top level categories as dictated by the redesigned navigation element. To facilitate this process, our development partner recommended we create the new store taxonomy (i.e. the new navigational structure) on our current server in a new folder of the existing taxonomy. Let’s call this sub-folder the “New Store.”

As their playbook suggests, we are to populate this “New Store” folder with the new categories and reassigned products. Once complete, this folder is then ported to upgraded EE server to create the new EE store.

As you can imagine, doing this manually (reassigning the products to the appropriate top-level categories) with 35,000 products is a near impossible, so our development partner created a script to automate the process. The problem is—this script will take 3 days running fulltime to recategorize the product data.

My questions:

1) Is the advisable / recommended way to port “old” product data to a new EE install in light of the new nav schema. Specifically, is it advisable to create the new taxonmy on the current install or is there a better way?

2) Is there a faster way to get this done? Running the script fulltime on our current server could really slow down our store nevermind the fact it will prevent us from adding new products for over a week.

Thoughts or best practices welcome. Thanks in advance.


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