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Integrating with regular Secure Trading gateway rather than with XPay
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I’m something of an e-commerce newb—at least in terms of configuring gateways—and a complete novice with regard to Magento, so I’m hoping someone can help me out with the following…

I’m really liking what I see of Magento and I’m hoping to put it to use, but I have a UK client who is enamoured with Secure Trading and is inclined to sign up with them for payment processing and for a merchant account (she hasn’t yet, though).

I see that Magento has a Secure Trading module but that is for XPay which, as I understand it, is for configuring and running their payment processing on one’s own secure servers. I’d rather not get into that.

So, what are the practicalities of integrating Magento with Secure Trading’s regular payment gateway service?

Any guidance much appreciated.

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Just incase someone else needs help with this.

I’ve attached a working copy of the payment module that will work on 1.3x and 1.4x

Its the version of Secure Trading that redirects off to the secure trading website.

The module on their website does not redirect correctly to the success page and had a few other bugs, however I’ve made a few fixes and corrected the module.

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