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Limit the characters returned in a product descritpion
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Joined:  2008-11-21

Using a wiki I found on these forums I was able to figure out how to alter the grid view to include more product attributes as I want to add the product description. The only problem is the descriptions I have are way too long for the space, and the short descriptions are setup for something else. Anyone have any idea how I would go about limiting what is returned from product description to a certain amount of characters and then add “… more” (which links to the product page) at the end?. So for example instead of

“You really need to buy this product it is the best”

it would return the first 22 characters (including spaces) and read as

“You really need to buy ... more

I imagine this is a fairly simple task, although I am obviously not a programmer and could be wrong. Any help anyone could provide is appreciated.

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