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3D check in payment gateway
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I am implementing a Netbanx payment gateway for Magento with most of the code in the authorize method of a new Netbanx_PaymentModule_Model_Netbanx class. It works well, except for credit/debit cards which require a 3D Check. It’s using the one page checkout.

For some cards, Netbanx returns (via SOAP) a URL (such as which the customer must visit to provide extra information (like a pass phrase). In these cases, I need to somehow send the user back to the “payment information” page, where an embedded IFRAME (as recommended by Netbanx) will go to the URL, ask the customer the question (like birth place I think), and then return something back to a hidden form element within “payment information” so the customer can press “Continue” again. Though I’d also settle for a popup window completely divorced from the one page checkout instead of IFRAME.

I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how to do this. So far all I can do is run Mage::throwException to tell the user that their card was declined. Any tips (like how to send the user back to “payment information” from within the model, or how to associate my model with a controller where I can do this, or how to run some Javascript instead of just throwException, etc) would be greatly appreciated.

I followed this tutorial to get the model working ( but it doesn’t go into any detail about authorisation.

Many thanks,

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