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Grouped Product not added to cart as they were one week ago
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Joined:  2012-11-06

hi All!
i’m setting up a magento multistore at the following address:
on friday i run into some db problems and had to force shutdown mysql.
i’ve quickly checked it after restart and everything was working
but now i have some issues that i don’t know how to resolve:
1- when i go to the page of grouped product and choose options and add it to the cart the page show the following error:
“ Please specify the product’s option(s).” but if i try to insert simple or configurable product to cart they work as a charme.
2-when i go tothe admin page of products and make a search it says the following: “ some of the selected products have no SKU value defined. Please fill it prior to performing operations “
3-Magento has never asked me to insert the price of grouped product. but now it is asking me the product price also for the grouped product that is a nonsense. isn’t it?
could some one tell me what i sould do to resolve these problems?
i really don’t know what to do.
thanks a lot

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