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How do I create a ink from a product page to a CMS page? 
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Warning! The original message was posted as a result of a complete black-out. See update at the end.

“On a CMS page, I can link to another CMS page by inserting <a href="{{store url=’another-page’}}">Another Page</a>.
However, if I do this on a product page—in the description or any other attribute—the link does not work. It is not displayed properly in the status bar either.
I have “Allow HTML tags in front-end” turned on. The HTML tags are executed as expected, but the double-braced Magento tags are not accepted. So, how do I link from a product attribute text area to an FAQ page, a user’s manual or any other CMS page that is shared by several products?
Anybody any idea? Thanks in advance.”

In case you got the same black-out I had, you create a link to another page using the normal <a href> tag wiith a relative URL (rewrite). E.g. <a href="../productX/details">Read more</a>.

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It wasn’t a blackout, the relative urls don’t work when products can be accessed though different urls. For example:

and index.php/jersey-skirt-5.html

in the product description,

won’t work

The only way to make this work is to use

? Too bad… i like the {{store url="..."}} paths.
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