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Bug report on buddle products
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Joined:  2008-11-14

First, I’d like to thank you all at Magento for the incredible work you’ve done smile

Some says that magento is very buggy and that you not offer enough support to the user but I can say that is you know how to search and read post in this forum you can solve almost any problem, that was may case.

I’m using Magento for nearly 5 month, and I’m using a lot of functionality including the bundle products system.

This function is perfect for me as I want to combine items and keep the stock updated, the only “little” problem I have with it is when the customer place the order.

On customer side no problem, every thing is clear and at his place, the basket and on the user’s board (display of each items at the good place and stuff)

But when the order is displayed in the admin section and received by email every thing is very messy, only on some order not all.

The bundle items are not at the good place and some item appear twice ... or not at all ...

To try to get the bug just set a bundle item with 5 different product, place on order with 3 different product in the bundle, and choose other simple items check out and see what you get.

Some times every thing will be very clear and some time very messy, for no reason even if you order the same products twice you wont have the same thing at the end.

Here all I can tell you smile I can send one or two order received by email for you to understand.

Hope you can do something for next release, because my staff at the warehouse are getting mad lol and if you need more info just ask.

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