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re-enable shipping address and shipping method for downloadable items
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i would like to re-enable shipping address and shipping method in the cart for downloadable items. currently when only downloadable items are in the shopping cart, there is no way for the customer to input shipping address and shipping method. I would like to reverse this and turn it back on. is there a simple way to do this?

Although I’m not shipping anything, I want to use the shipping options and address along with the translate.csv to create pricing options at the cart level instead of at the item level.  I’m also including a license with the final purchase invoice, and the licensee may not be the same as the billing address, so i need a second name and address option.

I’m selling audio files for use in film and television, (not for public sale) but the pricing will be different depending on how the files will be used. and i want the customer to be able to select the type of use (translated from shipping table) at the checkout process instead of per item, (as in normal attributes), and have a price applied to all items in the cart. I’ve worked it out in my head. I can do this with shipping tables. but i must be able to turn on the shipping options for downloadable items. If someone can point me to where in the code the shipping is disabled for downloadables, i think i can figure it out.

if anyone knows another way to adjust the final price in the cart with attributes, that would help too.

please help, thanks

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