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Can Magento Reuse Custom Options? 
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Hi all!

I’m the admin for a customer’s store which is currently hosted with Volusion. Because we are tired of their quality of service, with my suggestion the owner is cool with me transitioning their current store over to Magento.

So, with that being said, I think I’m handling the learning curve with grace, however the one part here that is throwing a wrench in my gears is the ability to resuse attributes (In Volusion, I understood those as “Options”, which were then applied against whichever product code I wanted to use those with)

In this scenario, this store sells clothing for people with special needs like Downs Syndrome. I’m working on getting the jeans plugged into Magento correctly, and using the Custom Options against each product added their unique sizes (that has their own SKU’s based on selected size) and those are working properly. The last step for the jeans is to additionally add in the hemming option, which for Volusion was another dropdown that, if a hem length was selected, it’d add +5.00 to the product’s price, and it’d tell us in the order which hem size was selected, otherwise the default of “Unhemmed” would be selected and would leave the product’s price untouched.

Here’s the thing, depending on which jeans we’re talking about (ex. Children’s vs. Adult Men’s), the offered hem sizes had different ranges of hem available; children tend to run 9"-25" hem, while the Men’s are 15"-40".

What I’d like to do is get the entire range of hem sizes added into Magento somehow, and then based on which product I’m working with, I’d like to be able to assign the relevant hem sizes for that product.

How can I go about doing this efficiently? Using the “Custom Options” against each product doesn’t seem appropriate since as best I can tell I’d have to put in the hem ranges each time, making the data set in the DB cluttered and redundant. I thought that the answer I wanted was to create an attribute set, but that didn’t seem quite right as the frontend for the customer needs to be a dropdown menu with the appropriate hem lengths displayed while I’d imagine the backend -> product editing would need to be a multi-select list so I could select the appropriate range of hem sizes.

If I can figure this out, we’ll be going live this weekend as this is the last thing standing between me and success! wink

Thank you so much for any help, ya’ll!


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