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Mobile Apps for your Magento store -
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Mobile Apps for your Magento store -

E-commerce CMS Intergrations
We provide ready-made integration solutions for most popular E-commerce platforms irrespective of the platforms being used. Megabile offers ready-made solutions for Magento platform -

Multi-lingual Support
Our product has full language compatibility, English, Português, ไทย, Español, Руcский, 한국어, Français, Deutsch, 中文, العربية, etc… The only thing required is the translation in your settings area.

Native Application
We offer a ready to use native App, no mobile website is required, no javascript, screen resizing, etc.. Our product is ready just out of the box. Apple iOS 5.0 and higher, without any hassle.

Free Plans
Up to 100 Products is FREE! It is a winning situation for small stores and start-ups, that can push your stores out of the crowd! That is always easy for you to upgrade or downgrade your billing plan in the billing section

Design Change
Logos, splash screen changing. No black screens or simple logos in you app, you are also able to change loading screens and icons of your applications to make it a premium product for your customers!

No Coding Needed
We made all things for you, Applicatins already developed and tested. We can say that it was a big work, we tested app on different devices, and operation systems. Now you free from all this annoying things and everything you need to do export your store catalog to Megabile

New Features and Upgrader for FREE
We focused on our apps, we always think what about what alse can we implement in our software - all this you get for without any extra payments. Send us a message using our contact form if you have a feedback or a fresh idea to implement!

Free Bug Fixing
We have already done everything for you! Applications are already developed and tested so we provide you with a reliable software, compatible with various devices, and supporting different languages. Now you are free from all those annoying things and everything you will need is just to export your store catalog to Megabile

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