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Inventory Interval Level, Low Level
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Michigan, USA

I would like to suggest 2 new inventory variable for the stock management system.

Interval Level:

Only allow customers to buy in multiples of X.  I’ve done 2 sites that *need* this feature.  They ship in standard sized containers, they can fit X number of items per container, and anything else would cost the store owner more money.  Customers usually are buying in bulk, and making the “product” just 1 case of something forces the price variable to be multiplied by X.  This is unusual for both the customer and the store owner to look at.

Low Inventory Level:

This variable just signifies what the store owner considers to be “low”.  It doesn’t have to function in any way by default, but this would allow custom module writers to trigger supplier re-orders, or daily reports to be run against products considered “low” in stock levels.

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