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Uploading Product Images - Need answers
Jr. Member
Total Posts:  1
Joined:  2008-02-09

OS: Windows 2003 server latest php and mysql versions
Latest Magento release

Problem is when I choose my 3 .jpg’s to upload and hit save it refreshes… says “SAVED” but no image uploads and the file name values in the browse field disappear.

What I have tried so far:
1) Searching the forum for answers for about 2 hrs.

2) Setting rights to all folders to what Linux users call 777

3) Downloaded the proposed lib\Varien\File\uploader.php

4) Pasted the proposed changes to lib\Varien\File\Uploader\image.php

I see the statement that says “windows uploader may not work”
And then I see some people saying they got it working in the forum but I do not see any real explanation as to how it’s done.

A simple response of “No you can’t upload files using windows platform” answer from an admin will be fine.  I just need to know so I can continue configuring this cart or move along.

Thank you

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