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Purchasing of Disabled Products? BUG
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Joined:  2008-06-16

I had an item on my website for 1 day, which sold out very fast. Then I disabled it and made it show no-where in the catalog. But now a week later I get an order for the item.

So, there is an issue with products being able to be purchased when they are not active - I think it might have to do with the qty on hand field being > 0 as when I import the data I use 9999 as the inventory qty since we don’t track inventory and the old systems had some issues. It also might be releated to the item being in a wish list or shopping cart prior to being flagged disabled.

It is my assumtion that disabled means out of stock and not allowed to be purchased. If I wanted a special hidden product then I’d use no-where as the where to show. But disabled should be disabled.

-- I posted this as a bug in the tracker.


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