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Turning One Page Checkout Off Wrecks Products On Site
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I’ve had the strangest thing happen.  Had the Dev site set up with 11 products (some configurable, some simple).  Was able to run an order all the way through checkout using the check/money order payment method. 

Because we are looking at using a third party gateway, I was doing some research and in the Admin panel, I set “Enable Onepage Checkout” to “No” and refreshed the cache.

All the of the sudden, the categories, CMS pages, etc. are visible on the frontend but the products are not.  One cannot see the cart (blank screen) and the site is basically disabled for ever seeing products or checking out.

So, I set the toggle to “Yes”, reran cache and index but products are stil gone.  Can’t drive to any checkout pages without the site going white.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I have limited access to the database but if this is a simple “1 is on” and “2 is off” type of thing, I could request that the change be made at database level.

More than that, I’d like to learn why this is happening.  Are the “non onepage” pages not available to me in CE  What does any of this have to do with products showing or not?

Thanks for your help.

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