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Was Deleting 200 Products At Once On Magento And Now Website Has Crashed ! MySQL Not Working
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Was Deleting 200 Products At Once On Magento And Now Website Has Crashed ! MySQL Not Working, I was deleting via magento product page 1.6

I have a website and suddenly my website has gone down and the error showing on the website is:

There has been an error processing your request Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

Please Help. Below are the some information relating to the problem

The MySQL service is not starting when I try to start it. When I try to restart MySQL the MySQL logs show these messages:

InnoDB: Unable to lock ./ibdata1, error: 11 InnoDB: using the same InnoDB data or log files.

The Server is available via SSH

When I check on that error I am finding information suggesting that the ibdata1 file may be corrupt and until this this is corrected MySQL will not be able to start.

You will need to correct the issues with the corrupt file before MySQL will be able to be started.

This file is related to the basic functionality of MySQL.

This file is part of MySQL. I control this file as it resides on my server. This file allows MySQL to function. If a functioning version of this file is not present MySQL will not work.

You would need to access root on the server and attempt to repair that file.

Rebooting the server did not fix the MySQL data file

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MySQL installation was not optimized to handle the extra resources Magento requires. Transaction Log files were probably left at default 8MB installation size leaving inadequate rollback resources upon database engine becoming overloaded and crashing. Inability to rollback due to inadequate size caused corruption of the InnoDB database.

Contact your web hosting provider and have them help you get MySQL back up and running with an empty database, scan these forums for suggested MySQL optimization settings, tell your hosting provider you want the transaction log files to be at least 32MB in size.

Once you have this done, restore from your last good Magento database backup.

Had it happen once and completely wipe all the category structure out of the database. MySQL must be optimized for Magento and if this is on a shared server, you need a new webhost that understands how to make Magento run on shared servers. My crash could have been avoided if I had access to the MySQL logs and viewed the error messages it had been throwing since the site was installed.

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