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It is possible to see which qty a costumer would like to add? 
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We have a webshop with a lot of SKU’s. Since we are new to this market we are having diffuculties to get the right amount of stock.

Is it possible to see what qty a costumer wanted to add to the cart but got the message that the quanity was unavailable?
This way we will have a better understanding of the stock levels needed.


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It’s not the exact thing you are asking about but this module also allows to manage stock efficiently. Out of Stock Notification Extension allows the customers subscribe to the items which are out of stock, so you can refill the products in stock. It works with configurables and with guest customers (they are asked to add the e-mail).

For more detailed description, user guide and live demo please follow the link

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Would like to advice some way of solving your issue:
1) In magento admin panel Go to System->Configuration->Inventoty->Product Stock Options and set Notify for Quantity Below to the required value.Now when you generate low stock report all the products having the quantity below Notify for Quantity Below value wil be dispalyed.
2) Try this Low Stock Report extension

3) Showing stock levels on you product page within Magento is not particularly difficult for simple product types and may require editing a template file:
- The file you need to edit is app/design/frontend/default/default/template/category/product/view/type/simple.phtml
- The code you need to replace is:

<?php if($_product->isSaleable()): ?>
<p><?php echo $this->__('Availability: In stock.'?></p>
<?php else: ?>
- and replace with this:
<?php if($_product->isSaleable()): ?>
<p><?php echo $this->__('Availability: '?>
loadByProduct($_product)->getQty() ?>
echo $this->__(' in stock.'?> </p>
<?php else: ?>
This means if the product is in stock, the customer will see how many items are in stock. Not what everybody wants, but our client did.

Best Regards

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