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can magento use deifferent paypal accounts depending on products? 
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Hello everybody,
I have a 1.7.2 version of Magento and I need to send payments to differents paypal accounts depending on a product.
I mean that most part of my products should be payed to for example on paypal account 1 and just some of all must be payed to the paypal account 2.
I notice that is possible to set 2 different paypal accounts just if you set two different stores, that is alright? Then i can share products between the two stores so I will have the structure of the shop as desired (one website, one store, 2/3 storeview) or looking like, and i can manage two stores paypal account. My question is: if I share products of store 1 with store 2 and some one buy store 1 products´s in store number 2 what account will be receive payments between paypal account 1 and paypal account 2?
Is is too confused explained?

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