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Currency issue in Magento 1.2.1
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Joined:  2009-01-03

I had a big problem using magento (country Italy, Currency Euro) with the string representing the price of a product.

Sometimes (yes the issue will occur on a non deterministic basis) an Exception was thrown beacause the function toCurrency (lib/Zend/Currency.php) receives as value a float number like 1,200000000 (so the field is seen as NON numeric and an exception is thrown)

I’m sure in the admin page I inserted 1.2 and also in the db table is stored the value 1.2

The only trick that works for me is to put the line

$value = str_replace(’,’ , ‘.’ , $value);

before the check with is_numeric (lib/Zend/Currency.php:160)

I know this is a very dirty hack, but is the only way I found to solve the issue.

I ran Magento 1.2.1 on a gentoo linuxbox with MySQL 5.0.51, apache 2.2.10 and php 5.2.8

Has anyone had the same (or similar) problem?

Thank you

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