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How to change Checkout Customer Group
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This is my first time posting here, i’ve searched the forums and can’t find a thread related to what i’m trying to do.

Firstly this is going to be a UK based shop shipping world wide, so VAT = TAX.

We’re using the latest magento v1.2.1, the store is setup with the VAT rules as detailed in this post: This is working perfectly however we have a further requirement that is the following:

If a customer enteres a valid UK VAT no they do not pay the VAT on the order. I have setup a customer group called ‘Retailer Zero Vat’ in addition to the ‘Retailer’ customer group and I have set the vat rules so that any customer in this group gets the Zero rated vat.

I have seen a post about how to allow the customer to select their customer group at the check out stage (for students / NUS discounts) which is exactly what we want, however when I clicked through the post it was blank, which sounds exactly like what we need

Any help would be very much appricated!

Also I have a bug in Magento when modifying the configuration to ‘Show VAT no on checkout’ to ‘optional’ this never gets saved, any clues?

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