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After Migration of 1.11 to another server front page is not loading CSS and URLs in source are loading full path
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-01-09

We migrated a Magento EE 1.11 version from a host provider to an internal server and when we hit the front page we get the content but no styling is occurring and everything is vertical.

It appears the URLs associated with JavaScript and CSS are showing the full directory path to the css files minus the web server’s address.  The URL I indicated in the database in core_config_data uses an IP address since we don’t have an internal DNS entry yet.  This shouldn’t be the issue but am wondering if it could be.

Anyway, I am new to Magento and with my basic understanding of MVC and Magento I would say the engine is being cranked.  It loads the index.php page but no processing is occurring.

Any ideas?


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