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Different clickable attribute lists on different categories
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Joined:  2008-01-16

I am not sure if this kind of feature is already available.
I have an e-store that sells both shirts, dvds, cds, vinyl records etc.
Each category of products has a different list of attributes
DVDs have director, actors, zone
Cds have band, label, country
vinyl recods have band, label, country and “conditions”

each of this attributes might be multiple
DVDs actors might be a list: “The Godfather” might have “marlon brando, al pacino, freddy krueger”.
If i click on “marlon brando” I’d like to have a list of DVDs that feature Marlon Brando as an actor.
Moreover some attributes might be common on more categories: band is in both vinyl records AND Cds AND DVDs.
By clicking on the name of the band I’d like to have a list of all the Cds AND vunyl records AND DVDs featured by the band.

Does it already work this way? I didn’t understand sorry, I am a bit slow smile

Of course this is different than simply putting a meta tag attached to a product. I could attach the tag “mafia” to “The Godfather” DVD and “Al Capone” Cds… that’s another story.

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