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automated inventory updating
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Joined:  2009-01-30

Hi Everyone,

I have been setting up my first ecommerce site in about 10 years using Magento. It’s been an adventure!

It’s coming together nicely but something I could REALLY use is a way to update my inventory numbers using a data feed. I have a supplier that will drop ship for me so I have to monitor their inventory levels to ensure I do not sell something that is out of stock. It’s happened to me before and it’s a real mess.

The company provides an inventory update each day in a tab delimited text file and also has of all things a telnet database that can be queried for stock levels. I haven’t even heard the term “telnet” since 1998!

The perfect solution would be that my website / host server would query my supplier’s database and update my inventory numbers automatically.

Failing that, the tab delimited text file could be downloaded with a macro or manually and then uploaded into Magento to update the inventory numbers of the products I’m selling semi-automatically.

Has anyone done this? I don’t see anything about doing so in the manual. I’m a decent geek with more C++ than SQL PHP so I think I could hack my way through it if someone could point me in the right direction. It sure would be a nice feature for folks who dropship.

Thanks for looking

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