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Is it possible to create a bundle of many pieces of one product? 
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We have products A, B, C and so on. Each has its own price.

We also sell, for example, 3 of product A, and 2 of product B, which we’ll call Ax3, Bx2 respectively. Ax3 will have a lower price than 3 single pieces of A, and Bx2 will have a lower price than 2 single pieces of B.

We do know that we can achieve this using Tier Pricing, but we don’t want to use the feature because we want Ax3 and Bx2 to be their own separate product.

Can this be done in Magento?

We’ve looked into using the “Bundle” product type. We tried to create Ax3 as a “Bundle Product” and added product A as a “bundle item”, with quantity 3. Since a bundle product will be shown with a quantity text box in the storefront, we decided we could just hide the quantity text box in the storefront so that the quantity will always be 3. Seems to work, but the problem is that the price for a “bundle product” cannot be set. So the price of Ax3 will always be computed as the price of the single product A times 3.

We’ve also considered the “Grouped Product” type. But it does not seem to be applicable to our case. So is the “Configurable Product” type.

Any suggestions on how we can achieve this?

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