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Best Premium CE theme user feedback
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Done some searching in the CE forums and remarkably, not a lot of discussion regarding themes. ?

I am interested in building a premium CE 1.7x magento site and am investigating the advantages of starting with a premium theme that comes with built in extensions, (like SEO and speed apps) or has extensions ready to go from the same provider, or confidence that extensions from other sources will work fine. Looking at it the other way, I am thinking that I would NOT enjoy taking a free theme or $50 theme with basic preloaded extensions (if any) and going through the pains of installing all sorts of premium extensions only to get bogged down in a lot garbage trying to dig my way out, or start over. I don’t mind spending cash for a premium theme that has the bells and whistles all working from the get go, so all I have to do it cut and trim and add content.

Rules of engagement

1) what is your actual user feedback for themes you have used. please be a real user.
2) no comments from sales people - if you push your product on me I can guarantee that I will not purchase from you.
3) a link to an actual website so I can see what you did with the theme would be good.
4) Did I mention no sales promotions. no promotions or propaganda from theme and extension providers.
5) Ok, a theme/extension can respond to a comment if it incorrectly portrays your product, to set the record straight
6) if you can make the case against using any theme at all… ok, go for it.

I would gladly pay for real advise on the quality and functionality of themes. The web is choking on sales propaganda and almost every review forum I find is fake… Even this forum is replete of much good user commenting on the subject. I half expect to have no comments at all actually, indicating that this forum is mostly overrun with providers of themes and extensions trying to make a buck.

lastly - I understand that I am going to have to put some work into this, the problem is I can’t tell which theme providers are legit or not.  Where are the real magento CE users?

thank you.

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