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How to do the mapping between visitor URLs (what visitor sees in browser address bar) and technical URLs (Magento directories on hosted webserver with
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We have one database and one admin workbench server. Through that we manage and configure several Magento websites (each corresponds to a different legal entity). Each Magento website has several brands (corresponding to a Magento store). Each Magento store has many languages (corresponding to a Magento store view). A Magento store view equals a Magneto theme. A Magento store equals a Magento package. We use Magento 1.7.02 CE.

First, we installed Magento in That means that all Magento directories and files (under /app, /skin, /js, /media, /lib and so on) are installed in the public_html directory of a hosted webserver with domain It also means that we access the admin workbench using We then create several stores under the initial Magento website (we changed its name from global to domain1.

Then we add Magento websites domain2 and domain3 (each with several Magento stores and each store with several Magento store views). We make all necessary assignments in admin workbench -> system -> design, admin workbench -> system -> manage stores.

We have tried all possible combinations in admin workbench -> system -> config -> web, but it is impossible to change the package in admin workbench -> system -> config -> design to a package that is not installed in directory public_html/app/design/packagename (and similar public_html/skin/packagename) of the hosted webserver with domain

We would like to have all storeviews and stores of the Magento website domain2 (and domain3) to be stored under the directory public_html/app/design/packagename/themename/ (and similar public_html/skin/packagename/themename) of the hosted webserver with domain

Even in more detail we want the secure communication related SSL code to be store in a directory public_html/secure of the hosted webserver

Regardless of the combination of assignments (in admin workbench -> system -> config -> web) for secure https and unsecure http communication, the problem continues, namely we can not change the packagename in config -> design to any of the directory URLs of the hosted webserver with domain So, we assigned the skin url to, and tried by using as base URL or (among many other combinations), but the problem remains.

So, somewhere Magneto must use an assignment with the hosted webserver under, so that we can only see the packages (stores) under and not under

Additionally, if we try to map all visitor domains ( and to 1 technical domain in which we install all packages and themes in 1 technical domain (http://www.domain2 ) , then we can not make that work using the mapping between base URL and base link URL, so we have used frame forwarding. This is fine (the user does not see the technical URLs containing the technical domain names unless he clicks on view source in his or her browser, or unless he asks an order confirmation (then he or she sees the order confirmation in a pop up window that displays the technical URL)

What we want to achieve is clearly that the visitor does not see the technical URLs of the Magento code or themes, different by legal entity, so not to be confused.

Additionally we want 1 central payment service for all legal entities, and we were thus hoping to have 1 technical URL for HTTPS related matters.

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