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configurable products + images + text
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I want to build a webshop with mugs. I suppose I need to use configurable products, as I’m planning to sell small, medium and large mugs, all available in different colors so people can choose what they want. Or is there a better method then using configurable products to do this?

Second, I also would like to build in the possibility for consumers to create and buy their own personalised mugs. For exemple, my webshop should have the built-in possibility for people to upload an image, or to send text or other content, so that I as webowner for instance can produce mugs for clients with their own chosen picture on it.

Is this standard in magento, or is there an extension for this? If not, I suppose this could be made by programming things. As I’m not an expert in these things, can anyone give me a solution or help me get started?

Thanks already.

Kind regards

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