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Use checkout of main install across multi store sites? 
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Joined:  2008-06-27


I’m posting on here in the hope someone can guide me to get this resolved.

I want to have just one checkout which other domains will use.

The initial install was for and this has the SSL up and payment gateway etc all associated to it.
Now for domain2, i want this to use the checkout of

So for example

(In fact this website seems to have the idea of what i want: )

Domain2 has now been setup as an alias of domain 1 and .htaccess has been amended to show the following:

SetEnvIf Host www\.domain2\.com MAGE_RUN_CODE=domain2_com
SetEnvIf Host www\.domain2\.com MAGE_RUN_TYPE=website
SetEnvIf Host ^domain2\.com MAGE_RUN_CODE=domain2_com
SetEnvIf Host ^domain2\.com MAGE_RUN_TYPE=website

How do i make domain2 use the checkout of maindomain?

I have searched this subject greatly. I see it can be done, however i can’t how it is done.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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