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Anyway to keep URL casing (Camel Casing) when upgrading? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-11-12

I’m upgrading my old 1.4x store to 1.7 but need to find a way to keep the current URL casing intact during the upgrade process.

Virtually all of my URLs are in the form of “” or “”. They have been this way since I imported the items from a different platform years ago. Because of the age, I would much rather not rever all the store URLs to lowercase.

I can easily hack the 1.7x code to keep it from automatically converting new items to lowercase, but my problem is that during the upgrade process, the upgrade/install script automatically converts all my current category & product URLs & keys to lowercase.

Does anyone know where in the upgrade/install code this is happening so I can avoid it?

Thanks in advance!

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