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Programmatically added Bundled Products won’t show up in Frontend (and are being not flagged is_sabeable)
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Hey folks,

we’ve been struggling with a weird issue on importing Bundled Products in Magento using the Magento PHP API.

Basically we’re using the following code to save the Bundle (parent) Product and Options & Selections Collection:


The code goes through without any errors. Even the Bundled Products and associated products are being listed in the backend without any obvious errors, however, they won’t show up in the frontend.

What we’ve done/checked so far:
- Are the bundled (parent) products in stock? YES
- Are the bundled (parent) products active? YES
- Are the bundled (parent) products associated with the proper categories and stores/websites? YES
- Are the selection products in stock and active? YES (They do show up in the frontend listing we set their visibility to Catalog & Search)

The bundled products don’t show up in the frontend because the flag is_saleable is false, so checking for $product->isSaleable() fails in the template, hence none of the products are being listed.

What we’re trying to figure now is what might make isSaleable() to return false, even though they’re being added and visible in the backend listing.

Help or hint to the right direction, anyone?


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