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remove custom options description on invoice
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-10-09

Hi all,

I’m having different products with cuystom options. In these custom options the customer can select a certain weight of a product.
The label of the custom option is “Select weight...”.

When I’m printing the invoice the label of the custom option will be shown on the invoice. I want to remove the label and only want to show the title after the product description.

I’ve searched for solutions but can’t figure it out?
Could someone help me a little with this problem?

Kind regards,


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Could you find a solution for this in the meanwhile? Or could anybody give a hint on this? I’m looking for the same thing and tried several things, but didn’t get it working.

In order to remove the bundle option labels I tried to edit the following files:


For example, in the latter one I replaced “Mage::helper(’core/string’)->str_split($attributes[’option_label’], 45, true, true)” with ‘’ but this did not show any effect (neither on budle options nor on custom option labels).

I know you should not edit core files; I just did this to see the effect. Once I found the solution I’d put it into local folder.

Any hint would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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