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Help: change position of left sidebar
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Hi! I use magento 1.7 and I have installed Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional succecfully. But now I want to change position of Shop by block and Category block together. Now Shop by block is above Category, I want to reverse them. please look attachment for more clearly smile. Pls help me soon. Thanks

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Hi publicacc,

I am unfamiliar with that module so I can only offer some generic advice unfortunately.

You need to go to the module’s layout xml file in app/design/frontend/PACKAGE/THEME/layout (I’m not sure what that is actually called for that module).

Then you need to find the block that contains the shop by information. You can find that blocks name by turning on path hints and refreshing the site. To do this, go to your admin panel and go to System->Configuration->(left col, top drop down) Select your store view-> (left col, near the bottom) Developer->(right col) Debug-> Turn template path hints on and just below it, enable showing block names.

Now refresh the page and you will see red boxes everywhere. Find the one that is around the shop by block and copy the blue name in the right corner of that red box.

Go back to the layout directory and open your module’s XML file and search for that block name. When you find it, add this to the block node:
after="-". This should force it below the category block unless the category block is also being told to be last (we’ll address that if necessary later).

So for example, your XML would look like (I’m using a newsletter block I’ve recently did this for, your block information will be different):
<block type="newsletter/subscribe" name="footer.newsletter" as="newsletter" after="-" template="newsletter/subscribe.phtml" />

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