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Right procedure to add content block / modules programmatically
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Joined:  2013-01-29

I would like to create 2 custom blocks. Each one will list category links for the navigation. One block will be putted within the header, the second one within the left bar (maybe with more categories then the first one).

Now, i’ve different questions about this:

-) Is it correct to create 2 new modules/block for these purposes?
-) Collateral question: is it correct to say “module” and “content blocks”, in this case, to indicate the same thing?
-) Important: i’m trying to create the module following this procedure, but i can’t succed. I’ve tried to hack the core files and all was working correctly, so i think i should better understand the xml files behavior.
-) about that procedure: is it correct to put within the new class the following constructor instead of the “template” tag within the xml block decalaration?

class Mage_ModuleDirectory_Block_Filename extends Mage_Core_Block_Template
function __construct()

Thanks in advance!

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