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I can’t get certain images to show up as headers. 
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Joined:  2013-03-08

OK, here’s my problem. I cant manage to get certain images to show up on Magento as header images and the same with images uploaded through the “Simple Banners” extension. They don’t show up in the back or front end of the program. In the back end as the thumbnail, it gives me the “cannot show image” icon, and in the front nothing shows up at all. Its not all images however, its only some.

For example: I can use any of the images in my themes folder that were already there as a header, but I can’t use images that I put in the folder myself. Another example is that I can upload some images that I’ve created as banners, and the work just fine, but some images that I’ve created just will not show up. I have tried to change the file type, and changed the size of the image itself with no success.

This is very frustrating since using the community edition support is not offered at all, even for something like this because its the free edition. I can’t manage to find ANYTHING online to help me with this either. Please help me if you have any idea as to what is causing this problem.

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