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New to Magento - Overriding or Extending Default Pager? 
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Joined:  2009-02-12

I’m new to working with Magento and attempting to get more familiar with the module/extension system as well as the core architecture itself. 

To that end I’ve taken up attempting to extend/modify some of the behavior of Magento’s default pagination (found in lib/Varian/Data/Collection.php).

I’ve read through a few wiki articles and forum posts on sort of the larger “here’s how you get a basic module started” track, but I’m finding documentation and a clear guideline for overriding or extending Magento to be somewhat (entirely) lacking.  I’ve also looked into the guide on how to override a controller as well as how to write a custom module that uses a custom database. 

That said, I haven’t come across anything that really seems to clearly indicate how to override the functionality I’m looking at.

So, firstly, if I want to override this functionality, how would I go about doing this and, second, if I want to extend it without overriding it, are there provisions for that in the event observer system?

Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I’m a bit lost and eager to figure this out.

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