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Customisable PayPal styles in version 
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Apologies if this is in the wrong section!

In the past I have been able to apply different PayPal page styles for different Magento installs. This has meant I have been able to have:-

1 client owning 3 different stores,
1 PayPal account for ALL 3 stores,
A different Paypal payment page style for each store (relevant logos and branding colours)

In the admin panel, under PayPal there used to be a section called \"Frontend Experience Settings.\” (version 1.5 ish)

However, I am now using and this seems to have disappeared?

Is it still possible to connect a Magento install to a specific Paypal payment style page?

Thanks in advance.

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All PayPal module settings have website or store view configuration scopes.
Try this way:
Please go to admin panel -> system menu -> configuration -> payment method.
after that you can select which store to config in the dropdown (Current Configuration Scope)
Now, you can select to enable the payment method for each store.

Also, to allow yourself to enter per store configuration options for paypal, open up the following file:

This file contains all of the configuration options for paypal. You’ll notice that most items have the following xml in them:

Some also have:

For those options that you want to configure on a per store basis, simply paste:

underneath the :

After doing this you’ll need to clear your configuration cache.

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The Frontend Experience settings aren’t displaying for PayPal Website Standards in 1.7.2.

Has anyone got a fix for this?

edit: got it to work

I added the following at line 1546, right before </fields>

<paypal_payflow_frontend type="group" translate="label">
<label>Frontend Experience Settings</label>
<logo extends="//paypal_payments/payflow_advanced//frontend/*/logo" />
<paypal_pages extends="//paypal_payments/payflow_advanced//frontend/*/paypal_pages" />
<page_style extends="//paypal_payments/payflow_advanced//frontend/*/page_style" />
<paypal_hdrimg extends="//paypal_payments/payflow_advanced//frontend/*/paypal_hdrimg" />
<paypal_hdrbackcolor extends="//paypal_payments/payflow_advanced//frontend/*/paypal_hdrbackcolor" />
<paypal_hdrbordercolor extends="//paypal_payments/payflow_advanced//frontend/*/paypal_hdrbordercolor" />
<paypal_payflowcolor extends="//paypal_payments/payflow_advanced//frontend/*/paypal_payflowcolor" />

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