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EAV Cache doesn’t work only on sales/orders admin page? 
Gabriel Queiroz
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Joined:  2008-05-28
Brasília, Brazil

Hello all,

I’ve been stuck in this for a while now, and still no clue of what might be going on here.

I’m running a store with something around 1000 products and 70000 customers, 50 orders per day, average. The frontend works smoothly, less than one second to load the cart, checkout, everything. Inside admin all pages load very quickly, only the Dashboard and Sales -> Orders pages doesn’t. The dashboard takes something like 10 minutes to load, and the orders grid takes like 4 minutes to load. This is a big pain, since the dashboard is the first page to be loaded after the login, and the orders grid, well, they are used like all the time.

I have APC enabled, my /var/cache directory is mounted as tmpfs, the machine is a 3.0 quadricore, 4gb dedicated server, and mysql query cache is enabled. Magento’s version is 1.0.19870.4. I have run mysqlreport on the server and mysql is running perfectly, the caches have plenty of space to grow as much as they want, pretty much no slow queries and no waiting threads.

I have reduced the dashboard page load by adding a “return” right on the beginning of /adminhtml/default/default/template/dashboard/grid.phtml, as follows:

 * Magento

This will disable some of the info displayed on the dashboard, but it is better to have that disabled than waiting for 10 minutes to login. =P Plus, all that info is available through the reports.

Now, the orders page… whenever someone accesses the orders grid mysql starts consuming 100% of one of the cores. I can see some entries for the orders blocks on /var/cache, so my guess is that the order eav entity is not being cached.

Is there anything that could disable eav cache only for one entity? If there is, what is it? How can i make sure that a block or eav entity has been loaded from cache, and what could i do to force eav entities and blocks to be cached?


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