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How to add an upload file in an order ? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-11-28


I try to add an upload file field for each order product (in an order) in admin zone.

I create a new module in app/local/Addvista/ (Addvista is my namespace) and I use router to override the adminhtml/sales part.
I add a new tab called “Bat” ("Bon A tirer” in french) in the order page which displays the order products (just the name and the options) and a column with an upload file.

I tried first to add the mediaUploader for each product, but I see that there was just the first which run (I don’t know why), so I tried to change the mediaUpload to an classical upload field.

With this solution, I can call the good method ("upload") in the controller, but in this, I can’t get the file(s) because there is nothing in the $_FILES variable.

I think it’s probably because the form doesn’t have the “enctype” property to “multipart/form-data”, but I don’t success to find where I can do that.

I begin to create another module to make easier, but is there a solution to this problem ???


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