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“Payment transaction failed.  Reason Credit card number mismatch with credit card type “
Jr. Member
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Anyone have any experience with this type of error message?  Since the validation in the checkout process prevents customers from entering a credit card number that is not of the same type as the credit card they had previously selected I am at a total loss as to what this could indicate.

On the front end, customer transactions that trigger this code redirect users back to a still-full shopping cart instead of to the “thank you” page.  Payments are still processed through PayPal in normal fashion.  Problem is intermittent (but increasing in frequency) and occurs with multiple credit card types (so far both Visa and Amex) and with customers from different states.

Since this error started presenting itself orders have gone from +/- 50 per week to just 9 last week.  Might not be related but I don’t want to take any chances.

I’m out of ideas so any help, comments, etc… would be sincerely appreciated.

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I am also experiencing this issue and I am wondering if this could be due to the lack of innoDB support on my shared account.

I am currently investigating moving the site elsewhere but I am unclear of one thing: I installed Magento on a server without InnoDB. If I move the server to a host with InnoDB available, will the database get upgraded or will the store need to be installed from scratch. Obviously, I would like to avoid having to install a fresh copy if I can help it.

Thank you.

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