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Help please for Webshopapps Product Matrix trouble
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Using Webshopapps Product Matrix extension on Magento Community 1.4


I have been working on a new configuration for shipping based on weight, basket total and destination for several months now, on and off.

It’s really not my forte but I have persevered and persevered but I’m totally stuck now! I have a full csv of data, and despite help from our developers it still doesn’t produce the results I need it too. (We bought the module two years ago so can’t pay WebshopApps for support unless we upgrade, which means software and support cost, as well as installation and no doubt our developers would want a bite too). 
I’ve spent so long on this that I don’t think my boss will be happy to spend even more money. Are there any seasoned users of the app out there who would be willing to take a look for me? I don’t mind paying but I am hoping that the right person will crack the configuration without spending hours and hours on it.
Like I said, I think most of the data is in there already but I think it’s the algorithm that I am flummoxed by.

Thanks in advance,


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