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Continue Shopping Button Problem
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We wish to not use magento’s store front because we have a custom built store front already. We only wish to utilize the back end for product pricing and schedule discounts and check out.

I have setup an AJAX routine that allows our store front to add products to the magento shopping cart.
With Ajax our visitors and buyers are left with a seamless shopping experience and not having to traverse back and forth between our store front and shopping cart every time a visitor wants to add a product.

Everything is going great until after adding a product I went to the shopping cart check out and clicked the “continue shopping” button.
It takes me to magento’s store front (not what we want) so I figure that the button I have on our store front that takes the visitor to the shopping cart should carry a variable of the original store front page the visitor is on.

When the visitor clicks this “check out” button the shopping cart page could then recive and use this variable in the “continue now” buttons URL to get back to the original page the visitor was on.

Like this:

Problem is that:

is not a physical file… where would I find the file that controls this “continue shopping” button so I may replace its URL with the variable passed to this shopping cart page??

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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