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import other storeview product info? 
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Joined:  2008-12-19

I have a big import list for products with all the info.
Importing this is done.
But now i want to import for other shops other products info.
For example::
for standard info i have

meta_description: Storename - buy this product at storename
meta_title: Storename - titel for this storename

But i have multiple shops and for a second shop i want the following:

meta_description: Storename 2 - just another description
meta_title: Storename 2 - also another titel

I have setup this for 1 product in the admin and have exported all products but this extra meta description and titel is not in the export file.
How can i put this in the import file so i can import this info for all products?
Or is this not posible to import and need this to be done manual true the admin for all products (i may hope not!!).

Same question for all other field with product info like name description etc..

Hope someone can make me happy and tell me how to do this.

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