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Upgrade from to 1.7
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I really hate posting another 1.3 to 1.7 upgrade thread, but I’ve spent days trying to get this work on a copy or our production store and it’s just killing me.  I have been able to do a full complete upgrade to 1.7 on a stock store, working through the numerous errors that are typically found to what I believe is a fully functional 1.7

I have been following this excellent guide making sure to upgrade the database through the command line.

A few things I’ve done in my upgrade workflow not mentioned in the article but I’ve seen elsewhere.
* Uninstall all plugins
* Since I’m on a MAMP environment I’ve made sure there are no quaranteen problems with the downloaded files using

xattr --d file-path
* I’ve done a diff using FileMerge between Schema dumps from a stock install and my production; there are no missing tables in my production db copy.

When upgrading the production copy I get two errors that I think are significant.

1. When upgrading to 1.4 I get

User Notice: The method getLanguageTranslationList is deprecated. Use getTranslationList(’language’, en_US) instead in /Users/jonathanryan/Sites/ on line 611

.  After going through some of the code I decided to continue the upgrade process to 1.7.  Re-examing the 1.7 code there are no references to the deprecated method so I’m assuming that I was right in continuing the upgrade.  Am I correct?

2. When upgrading from 1.4 to 1.7 and upgrading the database from the command line I get this: “base table or view already exists: 1050 Table ‘core_variable’ already exists” Based on some other threads the suggestion has been to rename the upgrade file listed in the error and to proceed.  Inevitably though I get to a point where there is a non duplication error, such as “Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘additional_attribute_table’ in ‘field list’”.

When upgrading doing the db upgrades by the command line what could be the reasons for these errors and what is the correct way to work through this?

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I can not help you out in this case however, if nothing else works you can do the following (it worked for me once I failed to upgrade Magento)
- make the fresh installation of Magento 1.7
- backup your data (just in case)
- migrate your database to a new Magento store ( you can use
- close your old store or implement redirects
This is how you’ll be sure that you will not break your current store and will establish a new store on latest Magento version. Seems quite amateur way, but it works bette than Magento upgrade feature
Good luck

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